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About Species File Software

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This page covers the purpose, goals and features of Species File Software (SFS).  Design information, versions and development plans, and statistics about the quantity of data are on separate pages.


The purpose of Species File Software is to support persons who want to provide a source of taxonomic information for researchers and others working on particular taxonomic groups that are subject to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.


Goals and objectives

The software was originally developed for use with the Orthoptera Species File (OSF) to provide a resource that makes taxonomic research on Orthoptera more efficient.  This has been accomplished, but it requires continual maintenance to add results of new research, to fix errors, and to add new features.  Work has been extended to serve other users, especially persons who want to identify specimens and to learn more about specific taxa.  Goals designed primarily for OSF include:

Starting with the release of version 3.0 in February 2007, Species File Software provides support for databases and websites for multiple taxonomic groups.



The following themes detail how the database software is designed as a rigorous taxonomic tool, using established database theory integrated with an intuitive user-friendly interface:

Integration of a broad range of components.

Flexibility for handling special issues.

Efficient data entry.

Rigorous built-in data screening.