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Current SFS-based databases

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The following databases and websites are based on Species File Software:
Arthropoda Species File
Species File
Species File
The Cockroach Species File (CSF) is an up-to-date taxonomic catalogue of the world's cockroaches, excluding fossil species. Cockroaches belong to the order Blattodea (sometimes known as Blattaria) as too do the termites. In the past termites were thought to be a separate order, Isoptera, but recent work confirms that they are in fact blattodeans.

The CSF includes c. 6,700 scientific names (all ranks, valid and not valid) and c. 4,600 valid species are recognised. Images of museum specimens (especially types), plus pictures of living cockroaches are slowly being added.

Species File
The Dermaptera Species File website and database contain taxonomic information about earwigs.
Species File
The Embioptera Species File (ESF) is a taxonomic database of the scientific names of the world's webspinners (Order Embioptera = Embiidina = Embiodea). The goal of ESF is to foster research and learning on webspinners, while increasing our understanding of the world's biodiversity. The ESF has information for approximately 400 valid species and 600 total names. Both extinct and extant species are included. Type specimen information is currently available on over half the species. Plans are under development for adding images, distributions and ecological information.
Species File

The Mantodea Species File (MSF) is a taxonomic database of the world's praying mantids (Order Mantodea), both of fossil and living species. The MSF has full synonymic and taxonomic information for over 2,400 valid species. A future aim of this database is to provide images of the specimens deposited in museums worldwide (especially types), as well as pictures of living praying mantids in the wild and in captivity.

This database originated with Otte and Spearman`s (2005) Mantida Species File catalog but is now following the classification of Schwarz & Roy (2019).

Species File
The Orthoptera Species File is a taxonomic database of the world's Orthoptera (grasshoppers, katydids, crickets, and related insects), both living and fossil. It has full taxonomic and synonymic information for more than 29,530 valid species, 48,410 scientific names, 240,600 citations to 16,000 references, 110,300 images, 2050 sound recordings, and 110,500 specimen records.
Species File
The Phasmida Species File (PSF) is a taxonomic database of the world's Phasmida (stick and leaf insects, known as walking sticks and walking leaves in the U.S.), excluding fossil species. There is full synonymic and taxonomic information for more than 3,500 valid species [+187 subspecies], 45,000 citations to 3,500 references, 8,600 specimen records and 20,900 images of 84% of valid species, with more being added to on a regular basis.
Species File
The Plecoptera Species File website includes valid names, their synonyms, bibliographic data, specimen data, images, sounds, and distributions for stoneflies of the world.

Notice that now there are 17 families with the addition of Kathroperlidae Banks, 1947.

Authors of research involving stoneflies are encouraged to provide pdfs or full references of their papers to the authors. We also accept images and sounds, attribution and metadata included, for posting on the website.

Species File
Species File
Aphid Species File is a taxonomic, nomenclatural, and bibliographic database of the aphids of the world, including all extant and fossil taxa.
Species File
The Coleorrhyncha Species File website and database contains taxonomic data about moss bugs.
Species File
The Coreoidea Species File database contains taxonomic and other information about all the leatherbugs of the world. Presently, most names are included. A companion catalogue of the World Coreidae and Alydidae with all fossil taxa and more complete bibliographic references has been submitted to Zootaxa for publication.
Species File

The Psocodea Species File is a taxonomic database that includes data for Psocoptera (bark lice) and Phthiraptera (parasitic lice). Data includes synonymies and citations for all recognized species. Parasitic lice are embedded within bark lice, and thus the single order Psocodea is recognized for both groups.

The Psocodea Species File contains data from the scientific literature on Psocoptera and Phthiraptera. This classification is believed to be accurate through the end of 2022. Should you find the database has an error or any species missing under the current phylogeny, please use the email contact link below, describe what you believe to be in error/missing, and attach a pdf of the paper that supports your correction.

Very few taxonomic histories of individual species are complete. Suggested additions to such histories are welcome; please use the contact link and attach a pdf of the paper to be added. Host associations and distribution data are incomplete.

Current statistics for data in species files
Number of
valid species
of names
Number of
of images
Number of
specimen records
Number of end
points in keys
      Cockroach 5022         7185         13839         6809         11669       0         
      Dermaptera 2055         3055         4810         0         119       0         
      Embioptera 462         688         1858         0         343       0         
      Mantodea 2541         4171         20967         206         3059       0         
      Orthoptera 29532         48414         240714         110326         110570       2854         
      Phasmida 3527         5582         45025         21008         8356       0         
      Plecoptera 4252         5845         29733         86         7845       16         
      Aphid 5715         13623         113586         1         0       0         
      Coleorrhyncha 115         200         396         0         62       0         
      Coreoidea 3165         5556         24494         3946         7931       13         
      Psocodea 11929         16417         55379         0         2118       0         
Totals 68315         110736         550801         142382         152072       2883